Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kinder Asked Jackson To Run For Lt. Gov.

"Does He Really Care . . .
Or Is It Just A Pay Check?"
In the aftermath of Gov. Matt Blunt's announcement not to seek re-election, a phone call was made from Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder to Jack Jackson.

"Peter called me, he said, 'I'm running for Governor. If you want to be Lieutenant Governor, it's all yours.' I'll remember that phone call," Jackson said Saturday.

On Friday night, Peter Kinder again shocked the political establishment by ending his campaign for Governor before it started. Instead, Kinder said he'd run for re-election as Lieutenant Governor.

A day later, Jackson told the KY3 Political Notebook he plans to stay in the race.

"Why? Why did he decide to do this?," Jackson asked, still reeling from the events in a interview Saturday morning. "I said to him, you were in Peter. You were running. I became very upset with him. I have to wonder, is it just a paycheck? Does he really care? Or what? I just don't get it. And I thought the world of Peter Kinder," Jackson said.

When I asked Jackson how he felt personally when Kinder received a rousing standing ovation for his decision Friday, Jackson pondered, "I wonder if they all stood up and cheered for him as Lieutenant Governor or because he got out of Kenny's race."

Jackson said no one from the party has asked him to get out of the race, and that his plan is to fight on. "I was on a radio show this morning and people were calling in 5-to-1 saying stay in it," Jackson said.

"I just think I'm going to get out there campaign, and I'm going to ask Peter really candid questions, like 'Does he care,?" Jackson said. "I will not attack him personally, but he made one decision, then he made another decision and now I have a primary," Jackson added.

When asked how he would compete against Kinder's fundraising skills and the party establishment aimed at avoiding costly primaries, Jackson replied, "You don't have to have the most money. You just have to have enough."

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