Friday, February 29, 2008

For Whom The Road Tolls?

The Show-Me Institute think tank is touring the state to urge Missouri lawmakers to consider toll roads to fix the state's looming transportation crisis.
The Missouri Department of Transportation will be billions of dollars short for construction projects as soon as next year. That looming financial crisis has the group pushing for tolls.
The Show-Me Institute says tolls have proven to be a cost-effective solution in others states, and it is urging lawmakers to consider it as an option. But its toll plan for Interstate 44 would most likely target just one group -- truckers, who would get a separate toll lane. As you can image, truckers have some concerns.

You can watch KY3 News @ 10 report HERE.

Then join the debate . . . higher taxes or tolls? Or something else.

Certainly a question all the candidates for Governor should be preparing to answer . . .


Matt said...

Clever, clever story title. The toll road idea for Missouri is certainly intriguing.

Eric D. Dixon said...

The full Show-Me Institute study, "Missouri's Changing Transportation Paradigm," can be found here:

Larry Litle said...

Congratulations for winning 2 Blogaronis.