Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Day After

Now that the dust has settled, there's much to muse about.
With Barack Obama's nail-biting victory in Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill looks like a winner. Mitt Romney's disappointing third place here means a meeting with top supporters today about the state of his race. Does he go on? Or, salvage his pride and dignity for a possible re-run in 2012? Remember, Republicans reward the next-in-line, pretty well. But is Mike Huckabee now next in line? He came oh-so-close in Missouri, but his stand in the south has made him a prime vice-presidential pick for John McCain. McCain's remaining primary battle is now with the conservative base, who seems like they'd rather throw the election to the Democrats than support a seemingly electable moderate.
So have at it . . . is this our general election match-up?

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