Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Koster Boasts More Money Raised Than Donnelly, Harris

State Senator Chris Koster's campaign for Attorney General is boasting about raising more money than Rep. Jeff Harris and Rep. Margaret Donnelly during the last quarter.

While it appears Koster leads the overall money chase in the primary, press releases seem to show that Rep. Donnelly had a bigger money haul than Sen. Koster during the last quarter.
But a Koster spokesperson points out to the KY3 Political Notebook that Koster actually raised more than Donnelly. "Rep. Donnelly only raised $146,000 last quarter, she gave her campaign $130,000, so if you look at the raw numbers, we raised more than she did," said a Koster spokesperson.

Koster reports raising $219,459 during the final quarter of 2007 and has $747,399 on hand.

“I am heartened by the tremendous support I have received throughout the state,” said Koster. “These figures show that Missouri Democrats continue to line up behind this campaign."

“I don’t believe we should let rigid, political ideology stand in the way of progress for our state,” said Senator Koster.

Then again, Jason Rosenbaum offers a different perpsective on the money chase: "Don't forget to factor in reimbursements to donors who gave over preexisting limits and other expenses. With those, Koster spent $494,955.88. Subtract the expenditures from the contributions, and Koster actually had a negative quarter," Rosenbaum writes.

Rep. Jeff Harris reported raising $143,811 during the last quarter. He's reporting $372,039 on hand.

So here's the breakdown:

Sen. Chris Koster $219,459 last quarter, $747,399 on hand
Rep. Margaret Donnelly $278,533 last quarter, $534,071 on hand
Rep. Jeff Harris $143,811 last quarter, $372,039 on hand


Tony said...

Koster loaned himself $200,000 just in a different quarter. He also has taken more than $200,000 from various Republican sources including more than $100,000 from Sinquefield.

Harris has raised the most money from Democrats with Donnelly a close second.

Tony said...

There is no way that any significant amount of Democrats will support a person who voted for Blunt's health care cuts. Koster should have stayed in the Senate and proved he was a Democrat. Or maybe he should have switched a year earlier.

At one point it looked like Koster had a chance to buy an election. But he simply couldn't expect how the limits would kill him. He needs millions to buy an election.

The early polling in this race has him running a distance third with less than half of the mearest candidate for obvious reasons. His best chance is to cut a deal with Donnelly or Harris and agree to be a special prosecutor in the office. That worked for Hulshof. Otherwise, his political career is over.