Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dems: We Beat Blunt Before He Ran

Are Democrats really that happy about Gov. Matt Blunt's departure?

Or are they just putting a good face on an unpredictable situation?

You can spin it both ways.

The Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party is rallying the troops today with an e-mail to supporters celebrating Blunt's decision.

"You helped defeat an incumbent Governor more than nine months before Election Day. That's no small feat," Chair John Temporiti wrote.

Then Temporiti makes an even more questionable statement: "None of the would-be Republican candidates have the statewide name recognition, statewide political organization or statewide fundraising base that Jay Nixon has built over the past few years."

Jim Talent isn't the type of politician who would publicly challenge that assertion. But some of his supporters might.

Still, this Temporiti claim holds more water: "The Republicans have lost the power of incumbency. No matter how unpopular that incumbent may be, the advantages of incumbency were formidable, particularly when it comes to name recognition, fundraising and the ability to generate press. That advantage for the Republicans has now vanished."

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