Thursday, January 24, 2008

And The Attacks Begin . . .

DEM LAWMAKER: "We Want Kinder."

Jack Cardetti just couldn't help himself.

The Missouri Democratic Party spokesman no longer has Matt Blunt to kick around. And until the G.O.P. sets its candidates for Governor in stone, he must include all of them in his eviscerating press releases.

" The four Republicans mentioned most as potential gubernatorial candidates, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, Speaker Rod Jetton, Treasurer Sarah Steelman, and Rep. Kenny Hulshof, have all been lock-step with the Blunt-Bush agenda," wrote Cardetti in his first post-Blunt attack.

“Whether it’s standing lock-step with Matt Blunt in Jefferson City or with George Bush in Washington, the leading candidates for the Republican nomination have all supported the same failed policies that have taken our state and nation backwards,” added Cardetti. “Each of these rumored Republicans has helped create the health care crisis in our state and the sinking economy that is hurting Missouri families. At a time when Missourians are looking for a governor who will change the direction of our state, it’s hard to believe the Republicans are putting forward a group of candidates who represent more of the same.”

Hey Jack, no love for J.T?

A quick survey of some Democrats in Jefferson City found that some of them most fear Jim Talent or Kenny Hulshof. "Hulshof is really likable," said one. "Talent has immediate statewide name recognition," added another. "Jetton can work a room, but he's a flame-thrower. We want Kinder," said a Democratic State Representative.

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