Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Amid Twisters and Turnarounds

Continuing tornado coverage coupled with the surprising New Hampshire primary results left little time for other items Tuesday. Here's a quick wrap of what we missed.

  • LOCAL ENDORSEMENT . . . The Springfield Building and Construction Trade Council endorsed Democratic Sen. Chris Koster for Attorney General. Koster won unanimous support from the 4,000-member group. “After watching your work to fight prevailing wage violations and expand workers’ compensation benefits over the years, I am confident that you will work for the betterment of Missouri’s workers,” said Jim Tyson, President.
  • NIXON'S FINANCE PLAN . . . Current Attorney General Jay Nixon unveiled a campaign finance reform plan that would reduce the amount party committees could give. He wants to reduce the current $12,750 cap to $1,275 -- the current individual cap. "There is no good reason why party committees should be able to contribute up to ten times the amount that an individual can contribute," Nixon said.
  • SMOKE-OUT . . . Gov. Matt Blunt announced he wants to dedicate close to $12 million dollars to an anti-smoking program. He's tying the plan to the revamped Medicaid program. $2 million would specifically target young people. $1 million would go to a hotline. Blunt's release touts: Gov. Blunt is the first governor ever to use funds from the tobacco settlement to support tobacco cessation efforts.

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