Monday, January 14, 2008

The #136th: Burlison Goes Door-To Door . . . Early

The Republican candidate for Rep. B.J. Marsh's open seat in 2008 is already pounding the pavement going door-to-door in his quest for the #136th legislative district seat.

Eric Burlison tells the KY3 Political Notebook most people are shocked to hear he is campaigning so soon. "Most people say to me, 'I haven't even thought about it,'" Burlison said.

Burlison said the top issue he is hearing about in the field is the economy. "We've got a good economy, the numbers look good, but people don't seem to be feeling it. When talking to people, they seem crunched. Older people think their money used to go further," he said.

Burlison expects to have an opponent in the #136th but said getting out early is part of his strategy. "I want to work hard, and I don't want anyone to say, he didn't try," he said.

Burlison is undecided on his pick in the 2008 race for president. He said he's surprised that a lot of local Democrats in his district seem to like Republican Mike Huckabee. "He seems to be getting a good amount of attention here locally," Burlison said.

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