Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Your Tuesday Political Attacks

Blunt on Nixon.

The G.O.P. on McCaskill.

The Dems on Blunt.

  • CARGATE . . . The Governor's office sent out a release letting us know that Mike Keathley of the Office of Administration is asking State Auditor Susan Montee to audit Jay Nixon to find out the extent of his political use of a state vehicle. "The Attorney General admitted using state vehicles for personal and political purposes for three years, while conceding that he did not reveal this fact to your office for your audit of the July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2006 time period," Keathley wrote in a letter to State Auditor Montee. "Even with that admission, your office refused to audit this issue."
  • FEED ME PORK! The state G.O.P. is slamming Sen. Claire McCaskill for bragging about not requesting federal earmarks. They claim her failure to do so is costing Missouri Sheriff Departments critical anti-meth funding. “Claire McCaskill is more interested in protecting her own political interests rather than protecting the interests of our members of law enforcement who continue to wage an intense battle against this deadly and highly addictive drug," said the G.O.P's Paul Sloca. Wait, I thought bringing home the bacon meant protecting your political behind? I'm confused.
  • LET ME SHOW YOU (TOO) THE DOOR . . . No release on it, but it appears Gov. Matt Blunt got rid of his chief counsel today. Henry Herschel is gone. Rosenbaum has the details. But it looks like the Big Muddy blog had wind of it first. The Dems couldn't help but gloat. “You don’t usually clean your house, unless your house is dirty,” said Jack Cardetti, Missouri Democratic Party spokesman. “Matt Blunt needs to stop blaming others for his administration’s failures and start being open and honest with the people of Missouri. That starts with releasing the backup tapes that contain the emails he has so stridently attempted to keep hidden."

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