Friday, December 07, 2007

Sloca Responds . . . Again . . . (That's It)

Republican spokesman Paul Sloca didn't wait long to again respond to Sen. Claire McCaskill in their spending feud.

"These figures speak for themselves when it comes to Claire McCaskill’s claims about fiscal responsibility: a $2.7 trillion tax increase, $190 billion in entitlement spending, $300 billion in additional deficit spending. Even the budgeting system McCaskill touts (Pay As You Go) cannot sustain the tax and spend policies her caucus supports," Sloca said.

But now we seem to be completely off the original point of whether opposing an earmark (even one that is completely defensible) is the conservative position in this spending debate.

Now Sloca reaches back to 2004 . . .

"Perhaps Claire McCaskill should look in her own backyard at the fiscal responsibility exhibited by Gov. Blunt since he defeated her in 2004. In Missouri, the Governor and Republican leaders have balanced the budget, provided hundreds of millions of new dollars for education and turned Democrat deficits into surpluses for Missouri taxpayers. And all of this without a Claire McCaskill-type tax increase," Sloca said.

Ok. That's enough.

Adrianne and Paul, I can get you each others e-mail addresses if you want so you can keep this going . . . but I'm done for now.

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