Monday, December 17, 2007

"Extreme and Unconstitutional"

Planned Parenthood in Missouri is calling an initiative petition that would prohibit abortion, "extreme, dangerous, and clearly unconstitutional."
State officials gave the go-ahead Friday for an initiative petition that would prohibit abortion, except when the procedure is necessary to prevent the woman’s death or serious injury.
Mary Hickey of St. Louis has filed a legal challenge that Planned Parenthood is supporting.
"Planned Parenthood opposes the proposed ballot initiative because it would ball all abortion s unless the doctor certifies it is needed to prevent death or severe medical risks," said Kellie Rohrbaugh of the Southwest Missouri chapter of Planned Parenthood.

"This initiative allows the Government to interfere with private health care decisions made between a patient and her doctor. It also invites law suits against doctors, family members or others who help a woman get abortion care," she added. "To be clear: this proposed initiative would make abortion in Missouri illegal except in the extremely narrow cases of imminent death or serious health risks. This is unmistakably the goal of the initiative sponsors."
You can read the full ballot initiative HERE.

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