Thursday, December 27, 2007

Doctor's Orders

"It will keep them in the game."
Governor Matt Blunt is proposing a nearly $53 million dollar pay raise for healthcare providers who treat lower-income Missourians.
If approved, the proposal will boost Medicaid payments to doctors who participate in Missouri's revamped Medicaid program.
"Our plan will provide more for those who provide care to vulnerable Missourians helping to ensure that Missouri families have access to quality health care services," Gov. Blunt said in a statement.
Springfield physician Dr. David Barbe called the announcement "continued movement in the right direction." "It will keep doctors who see Medicaid patients in the game," he added.
Many Medicaid patients have difficulty finding a doctor who will accept them. Dr. Barbe said this funding would not solve that problem -- but at least help alleviate it.

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