Friday, December 28, 2007

2008 Legislative Preview

Blunt Lunches With G.O.P. Lawmakers
Immigration, Health Insurance Key Priorities

The new year brings some new and some old priorities for Missouri lawmakers. Governor Matt Blunt met privately with Republican legislators from around the Ozarks Friday to outline goals.

You can watch my 2008 legislative preview HERE.

Rep. Shane Schoeller, who attended the midday luncheon with the Governor, said immigration reform and providing the uninsured health coverage would be top priorities for G.O.P. lawmakers.

On immigration, Schoeller said: "I think the issue people have is if you're not abiding by the laws of this country, they should receive no benefits."

He also said Republicans would move towards reducing the estimated 700,000 Missourians who remain uninsured. "The plan is that if an insurance provider is going to offer it, they have to offer the same benefit that any state employee gets," Schoeller said.

Schoeller also said that making sure the Springfield crime lab is properly funded would be a priority of local lawmakers.

More to come . . .

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