Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hardly A Shove, But Less Than Blunt

Newsrooms and politicos are debating a piece of video captured by the Kansas City Star yesterday, where reporters attempted to question Governor Matt Blunt about the Scott Eckersley saga.

The video is HERE.

Is it newsworthy? Is it "outrageous?" Is it neither?

Some news organizations are outraged, calling it a "shove." But looking at the K.C. Star tape, there's no real evidence of a "shove." Maybe a push back. But noone was hurt, so c'mon.

While it may of been rude, this is part of the game -- whether we reporters like it or not.

We in the media have every right to toss a camera in a politician's face and ask him questions, but that politician has every right to shut a door in our face -- and in some cases, we should expect it.

Blunt certainly didn't answer the question posed -- and that's more of the story here, not the fact that some reporters were offended by getting brushed off.

Like politicians, we reporters have delicate egos as well. I haven't been in this business that long -- but long enough to learn to not get my feelings hurt when a politician ignores me or my calls, takes a microphone off, or slams a door in my face. Sure it stinks, but you get over it. And then you try to get your question answer another route, another time.

These incidents should say more about the politician -- and they don't need the fake outrage of news organizations to trump up or dramatize what happened.

Sure, it's newsworthy. But outrageous?

Put on the pads.

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