Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blunt Calls on Abbas To Change Fatah Charter

Rep. Roy Blunt has introduced a resolution that urges the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to officially change 10 articles in the Fatah charter that call for Israel's destruction and for the continuation of terrorism.

IsraelNN.com has the write-up.

"There can be no reasonable expectation of a broad-based, long-term reconciliation between the Israelis and Palestinians while one side's constituting document calls for the complete destruction of the other," Blunt said in the story. "I believe it's absolutely critical that the insidious nature of [this] be brought to light - and that those with a genuine interest in working toward peace insist its most unconstructive provisions be abrogated from the text.... As long as Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah Party continue to promote the wholesale destruction of Israel, there can be no possibility for peace – whether in our time, or any other."

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