Thursday, November 01, 2007

AFSCME Backs Harris for A.G.

The Missouri council of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) today endorsed Rep. Jeff Harris for Attorney General.

"As Democratic leader in the Missouri House, Jeff Harris led the opposition to the morally repugnant and backwards policy pushed by the Blunt GOP," said AFSCME political director Jeff Mazur. "Harris will be a worthy and able successor to the office served so proudly for four terms by Attorney General Nixon," added Mazur.

This endorsement comes after union leaders met and interviewed the candidates in person. The release from the union said members of the endorsement panel "were impressed with each of the Democratic hopefuls, but identified Jeff Harris as the candidate who would fight the most aggressive campaign."

To tout his blue-collar credentials, Harris pointed to a lawsuit he fought during Governor Bob Holden's administration.

"When Republican special interests sued the state to get Governor Holden's collective bargaining executive order rescinded, Jay Nixon turned to me as assistant attorney general to handle that case. I successfully defended that executive order in court and would do so again as attorney general," Harris said in a statement.

In a release, Harris also announced his plan to review the costs of privatizing state jobs and the status of worker protections under these contracts. Harris also said he would initiate legislation to set strict provisions for state contractors who violate labor laws.

"Worker protection will be a top priority in my administration," Harris said. "Since taking office, Matt Blunt has privatized countless state services at the expense of hard working state workers, enabling him to reward his friends with new state contracts," he added.

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