Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Faith & Politics: The Trask Interview

Here's a large portion of my extensive interview with former Assemblies of God Superintendent Rev. Thomas Trask on politics, faith and Election 2008.

You can watch more on why Trask would have difficulty supporting Romney and why faith is more relevant than ever in the coming presidential election.

Watch it all HERE.

What does Trask think about the other frontrunners for President?

On Rudy Giuliani . . . "I like the man, I think he has got credibility but there are some issues I can't support with him."

On Hillary Clinton . . . "I want to reserve judgement there. I think the church would have a problem supporting (her), in fact I'm sure of that."

On Barack Obama . . . "I think there's too much yet to be discovered to make a judgement call there."

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KJ said...

Pardon me, but Rev. Trask makes no points here. He says a Mormon can't be elected president because the Mormons believe they're the true church...then admits the Catholics [and dare I say, many other churchs] believe they're the true church...but would he campaign against a Catholic?

Doesn't it bother him more to have people who don't seem to practice any religion in the White House?

And why can't he hear the words Jesus Christ in the name of the Mormon church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Jesus Christ is the center, the reason-for-being, the Savior... there is no question that Mormons are Christians.