Wednesday, July 08, 2009

McCaskill: House Climate Bill Won't Pass Senate

Speaking on radio Wednesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill said a House bill meant to cap carbon emissions does not have a chance in the U.S. Senate.
"If there is going to be enough support for the bill, it will be a very gradual implementation as we move toward changing to wind and solar and other kinds of energy," McCaskill told conservative Missouri talk radio host Mike Ferguson. "I'm going to be one of those trying to craft it in a way that is very gradual, that is not going to hurt a state like Missouri that is so coal dependent."
McCaskill also said she's in no rush on cap-and-trade because other world powers haven't agreed to do their share.
"We need to be a leader in the world but we don't want to be a sucker. And if we go too far with this, all we're going to do is chase more jobs to China and India, where they've been putting up coal-fired plants every 10 minutes," she said.
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"Well, I’m going to make people, my friends on the left, very unhappy and I’m going to make those who don’t think global warming is real very unhappy because I’m probably going to be working with a group of moderates in the middle to try to come up with a bill that doesn’t punish coal-dependent states like Missouri. We’ve got to be very careful with what we do with this legislation."

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