Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bond Now Slamming TARP, While Still Doubting Stimulus

That's the number key members of Congress have agreed to Wednesday during the conference committee on the economic stimulus package.
Sen. Kit Bond, who voted against it, is still a doubter.
He said Wednesday he doesn't believe it will create as many jobs as the president and Democrats claim. Bond also said that Congress ought to create a systematic report for the American people on how many jobs the bill will create before the legislation is enacted.
Meanwhile, Rep. Roy Blunt complained that the conference committee meetings aren't open:
"Certainly, there's a tradition that these last-minute negotiations are done between the two parties. These are being done within one party. There's no hearings. People really have no idea what is in this bill," Blunt said on FOX.


    "Unfortunately, the plan rolled out today is just a new coat of paint on the old outhouse," said Bond in a statement. He wants more specific details on how much money will be spent and how it will address bad assets. "There’s too much mouth and not enough marrow – I need to know more to ensure that taxpayers won’t be left holding the bag," said Bond.

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