Friday, January 25, 2008

Mo. Right To Life Endorses Huckabee


Missouri Right to Life will endorse Mike Huckabee for president Friday, the KY3 Political Notebook has learned.

The announcement will be made at a press conference at the Chesterfield Family Center in Springfield at noon.

Dave Plemmons of Missouri Right to Life said the State Board of Directors and Political Action Committee recently came to the decision after Fred Thompson dropped his bid for the White House. National Right to Life had thrown its support behind the former Tennessee Senator.

"Mike Huckabee was the most acceptable candidate on life issues," Plemmons said. "Other candidates who are viable have problems with either abortion, or embryonic stem cell research. Mike Huckabee's pro-life record is stellar," Plemmons added, noting Huckabee to be the second Governor in the country to pass a "cloning" ban.

The endorsement will provide more support for Huckabee at the grass-roots level at a time when his campaign is struggling for cash. Missouri Right to Life will make phone calls, hang up signs and write letters to the editor on behalf of Huckabee, according to Plemmons.

Plemmons acknowledged politics were a factor in his group's decision.

"We had to consider to some degree what the polling and support were reflecting. It made a big difference when Thompson dropped out. Once Thompson withdrew from the race, it made it all the more advantage to endorse Huckabee," Plemmons said.

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