Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sloca Not Impressed With Document Destroyer Game

The spokesperson for the Missouri Republican Party says a video game created by state Democrats that features Gov. Matt Blunt deleting e-mails is not funny.

We featured the Matt Blunt Document Destroyer game in a post yesterday -- and gave it props for its creativity (not its politics.)

Paul Sloca asked me to post this response:

"While Democrats prefer to spend their time and donor resources on frivolous pursuits in a make-believe world, Governor Blunt and Republicans are focused on real world concerns like improving the quality of life for all Missourians, which is certainly no game. Missourians want grownups running the state, not children, which is why Republicans continue to be so successful and Democrats continue to play political games instead of offering solutions," Sloca said.

Sloca also said that Republicans can be creative too, pointing to the Disgraced Dems page designed by the G.O.P.

Hmm, just because our entire newsroom has been playing the Blunt Destroyer game all day, doesn't mean they are a bunch of liberals either . . . It's just called a sense of humor.

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The Lorax said...

Cheese is on aisle 3, Paul.