Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CHATTER Links Video of Champion at Forum

Ron Davis of Chatter, an enthusiastic supporter of Democratic State Senate candidate Doug Harpool, has linked some YouTube video of Sen. Norma Champion at last night's League of Women Voter's Forum.

Sen. Champion was asked why she voted to lift campaign finance limits. She said she didn't, but she voted for the bill. She was also asked why she voted against a bill strengthening the child kidnapping law. Champion said she couldn't remember.

I was planning on covering the forum and was disappointed I couldn't make it because of another assignment. But that's what happens when murder charges drop in the Ozarks.

So, supposedly, there is some sort of debate between Champion and Harpool tomorrow at Glendale High School. I thought they couldn't agree to a debate? Champion told us Monday that she didn't agree to any debates because she doesn't think they are useful. She said she only would participate in candidate forums.


I am.

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moderate guy said...

Have you seen the new attack ad by aunt norma? Glad she's not my aunt!

She keeps talking about the votes for taxes - but she can't back it up. Where are the citations? What votes???

Were these votes even effecting Springfield?

I'm going to the debate tomorrow and asking.