Monday, August 21, 2006

John Combest: Nobody Cares About the Auditor's Race

John Combest, who provides a daily summary of political news in the state at, makes 10 thought-provoking points in his latest blog entry at

Here's 3 we found notable:

1.) Anyone who lacks the ambition to roll off the couch, brush the potato chips crumbs off their belly, and catch the bus to the local Revenue office to get a photo ID shouldn’t be voting anyway.

3.) Nobody cares about a state auditor’s race, much less with Talent-McCaskill on the ballot. Desperate for attention and hoping for earned media, auditor campaigns will turn to negative ads that have nothing to do with the auditor’s job.

4.) Thomas campaign: “Wealthy trial lawyer.” Montee campaign: “Blunt-Graves-Thomas.” Edge: Montee.

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Takes two wings to fly straight said...

On voter id johnsombest needs to also give advise concerning what a single mother with three kids who works two jobs should do to protect her right to vote? What about the senior citizen or disabled citizens who doesn't travel without assistance of family? The arrogance of those who would deprive others of the right to vote is unbelievable. Not everyone drives. Not every has a car. Not everyone sits at home and eats chips. For many the challenges of everyday life are nearly overwhelming. They need no new obstacles. The act of voting on election day is challenge enough for them. Why don't we adopt extended voting periods to make it easier to vote like other states have done rather then act to make it harder for people to vote?

bobicus tomatocus said...

That same mom needs a picture ID to write checks.

Gimme a break.

His political observations are on the money. Especially the one regarding the Voter ID and Senate campaign one.

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Does she have a checking account? Bob-- you really need to visit someone else's neighborhood once in a while. Not everyone lives like you and your friends. And they should'nt be required to be like you in order to vote.

According to the Sec. of State's web page over 11,000 voters in Greeene County (245,000 statewide) don't have a drivers license. They apparantly haven't found the need to have one to cash checks either Bob.

MrsThurstonHowell said...

Get out of the sauna, Bob Tomato. Many of the poor do not have checking accounts.

SandraGate said...

Check out the new AP article about the auditor's race,

"Report cites errors by GOP state auditor candidate."

In previous articles, Sandra has blamed her poor accounting problems on the Treasurer. Then she blamed a former (Republican) county commissioner. Today, she's blaming the outside auditor hired to find her mistakes.

Sandra needs to figure out once and for all where the buck stops.

For more information...

bobicus tomatocus said...

I've seen how the secretary of state counts "voters who needs IDs" and it is laughable at best. She even admits that the numbers may be inflated.

Naw, couldnt be.

RepublicFamily said...

Why don't we just hand deliver a ballot to every registered voter and let them bring back in the next month or two. No rush.

Come on folks, voters are supposed to show an ID or a voter card now as it is. There is a certain level of responsiblity necessary.

Many of the disabled and those who cannot catch a ballot receive an absenteed ballot in the mail (at least in Greene County). Many manage to get it notorized and mailed back.

As for the poor mother with three children my experience suggests that she is probably not even registered ... but assuming she is, she has also moved without updating her record so she would not be elligble to vote.

A photo ID from a job would work too, as I understand it.

PbBut said...

I love the way you dismiss "the poor mother with three children my experience suggests that she is probably not even registered" as if that's somehow OK. What we need to examine is what can we do to get her registered and voting. Why does such s small percentage of people vote. Even the Iraqis sent a larger percentage of people to vote in their "democracy" than we here in the US do. Could it be that one of the reasons is that we made it more important for Iraqis to vote in their election, security, opportunity, etc., than we do in our own?

Roccondil said...

I've also heard very little outcry over the fact that individuals without a photo ID must somehow purchase one in order to maintain eligibility. Essentially, this new ID rule is a poll tax in disguise, creating even more difficulties for the state's poor who are currently without photo identification.

bobicus tomatocus said...

@rocc: That is a lie. It is FREE to obtain a missouri ID.

Funny we dont hear the same complaints about people being required to show IDs to buy a beer.

Please get your facts straight. Thanks.

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Bob --- you have out done yourself. You just equated the right to vote with the right to drink beer? Do they have the same level of importance for you?

Is it possible that the right to vote is more essential to our system of government then the right to drink beer? Isn't only one of the two mentioned in the constitution?

bobicus tomatocus said...

Actually, you make my point even more so.

If someone has to show their ID to buy a beer, then how much more important is it to prove who you are to vote?

RWR40 said...

Funny...which side of the room wants to protect voter fraud, instead of takeing steps to prevent same.

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

You show an id to buy beer to prove your age. We don't have beer registration in Missouri to prove a person's age. We do have voter registration.

This has nothing to do with voter fraud. No one can pont to an election in Missouri where voter fraud is claimed t have impacted the outcome. This has to do with nationwide plan of voter suppression designed to reduce the number of low income voters.

bobicus tomatocus said...

You mean it has everything in the world to do with a nation wide effort to commit mass fraud like the Washington state Gubanatorial candidate?

I already listed two races which were impacted in 2000 when a federal judge allowed polls in only certain counties which leand democrat to vote for an extended period of time.

There were other oddities with many of those districts in St. Louis. I cannot remember them all, its been six years ago, but point is there were fraud issues.

The result was the election of Bob Holden and Mel Carnahan.

Thankfully on appeal the operation was shut down before Gore could claim the state for his own.

Requiring people to show an ID is completely legitimate.

If the person does not have an ID then they cast a provisional ballot which depends upon their signature matching ones on records.

That is above an beyond reasonable.

Dont give me sob story which allows for people to committ fraud, give me a legitimate election.

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

BOB ---YOU HAVE LOST IT. What happenend in 2000 was a court issued an order which allowed people in line at the time the polls closed to vote even if they had not been reached to cast their ballot at 7. The lines were very long because of intentional Republican understaffing of democratic precincts. The total votes cast at the precincts kept open were far less then Holden and Carnahan's margin of victory.

It is just like the weapons of mass destruction. The Republicans take a scintilia of truth and make it into a national crisis just to serve their political agenda. It has nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with trying to dissuade poor people from voting becasue they tend to vote for Democrats.

Anonymous said...

In 1970, when I turned 21, in all my newly found majority glory (and full of myself, I went into the bar at the Colonial Hotel in downtown Springfield and ordered a beer.

The bartender asked to see my state liquor control card. I didn't have one, but I did have a Missouri driver's license and a US Army picture id card. Not good enough. No beer for me at that bar.

The next day I hastened quickly to the Liquor Control office (may have been in the Woodruff Building)in Springfield and signed up for a bonefide State of Missouri Liquor Control Photo Identification Card.

Of course I had to show proof that I was indeed, 21 years of age. The id proof required to show I was of the legal age to consume alcohol and be in bars?

You guessed it, my driver's license and US Army photo ID card.

I believe this whole business with picture id's to vote is a precursor of a national id card.

I used to have a long driver's license number that started with LO51-......

One year when I went in to renew my license, the DOR told me I had to use my Social Security number as my driver's license number. Incidently, my army id number is my social security number.

Now, I have to get my SSN off my driver's license.

And completely off subject, the gay marriage amendment -- how does that affect my marriage?


bobicus tomatocus said...

Yup. The republicans are trying to surpress poor and disadvantaged Missourians from voting.

Yup. You are 100% correct. Its a conspiracy, and guess what, ROVE IS BEHIND IT!

Now for our next action we will abolish the Democratic party from Missouri, then the face of the Earth.

*poof* Oops, they are doing it by themselves for us. Darn it all.

p.s. It was a Democrat who was the secretary of state at the time, and no matter what explanation you give, keeping those polling stations was a violation of election law.

Then again, knowing the histrory of many Democrats breaking election laws ranging from reCOUNTING ballots in the 2000 election, to replacing the "torch" in New Jersey when he was losing the election to out right fraud in the Washington State election, I understand you probably do not comprehend the baiscs of rule of law.

PbBut said...

Come on Bob, you always jump the blogmaster over one-sided perspectives? No voter fraud by Republicans? Let's be fair and balanced or you will no longer be able to be "holier than thou".